Simple Golf Swing Tips

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning to see a picture in your mind of a golf game where the score card indicated you cut strokes from your last golf game.

This can happen with a new Golf swing. Just close your eyes and picture the golf ball rolling an extra 5 or 10 yards of the the tee. A little more distance with the long and medium irons brings the hole that much closer.

A new Golf Swing make  this happen.  Your approach shots will  be more accurate. The result of course will be the golf ball is nearer the pin.  Your putting game will improve.

The uniformity of your new “Golf Swing“ will create  a more precise rotation which in end creates additional length of each club in your bag.

Every golfer in the world always wants to cut strokes off his or her golf game. We all have playing partners that offer different tips. Some of the better known of course is New clubs, new grip for the New Clubs,position of the golf ball in your stance, an open or closed stance.  The list goes on and on.

A new “Golf Swing“ being easy stops you wasting your time on all these tips. When you start cutting strokes off your golf game; your friends will be asking you for tips.

Many golfers have an association with a golf course. If your golf game is unmanageable due to a horrible golf swing, poor advice from other golfers or just a negative outlook.  A fresh new “Golf Swing” that reduces your strokes off your golf game is a “Cure-All.”

The thought has probably crossed your mind ; “How can a “Golf Swing” being easy lengthen your drives, your long and short irons as well as improving your short game? The answer is the new swing will improve your hands to release quicker  through the ball. This new acceleration will increase the club head/face thru the impact zone. Another side effect would be the squareness club face/head at impact with the golf ball.

An improved “Golf Swing” will certainly ease a golfer’s mind. The bad habits of the infamous “Duck Hook” or “Boomer Rang Slice” will fade away. Distance and accuracy will be in the fore front of  conversations at the “Nineteenth Hole.”

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