How Golfers Keep In Shape And What Exercises They Do

When most people hear of golfing, they think of a sport that needs no form of exercise whatsoever. They think that golfers just go to the field and swing their golf sticks, and that is it. They all have it wrong. Golfers exercise more than they want to admit. They have to keep their arms in good shape or the swing, their legs in good shape to keep them from cramping and generally their whole body so that they are fit for the game.

Here are some of the exercises golfers do and how they do them:

Front planks, side planks, bent knee, back holds work well as well as saws, bent knee back presses with an exercise ball are some of the exercises each golfer has to do. Golfing requires a certain posture. If you do not get it right, then you throw the entire game away. It is therefore important that each golfer maintain a fixed angel spine. This calls for exercises that focus on the core region. The exercise listed above give them this.

Windshield wipers, performs stretches, kneeling hip flexor presses, and stork turns. These are the exercises golfers do for flexibility. In this game, flexibility is key. You need it for the posture, the swing and the turns. By doing flexibility exercises, golfers are able to increase their mobility during the game thus allowing them to move around with ease without feeling overworked or tired.

Warm up exercises. This is a must for each golfer before the game. In most cases, they just do the stretches and light exercises. This helps them warm up their muscles before the game. It keeps them from muscle cramps and fatigue. Other golfers prefer to do a jog before the game as their warm up exercise.Other than these three, golfers also engage in different exercises for their health benefit. For this reason, they have personal trainers who guide them differently depending on their goals.

Golf in itself is exercise. The fact that golfers walk around the golf course following the ball around makes them burn fat, sweat and keep fit. At the end of each game, the golfer goes home tired and fatigued from all the walking s/he has done. The second thing that qualifies the golfing sport to be a form of exercise for those who engage in it is the swinging and the pausing. To get the right pause, you engage several muscles and the golfer has to do the perfectly. To swing and hit the ball the right way and with the right amount of energy is also strenuous. At the end of the game, the golfer will have engaged most muscles in their body and ill have had a full body workout.

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