3 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Beginning golfers and seasoned golfers alike can always benefit from special tips that can assist them with improving their game. From learning how to tips from the pros to boost and improve performance to searching for secrets that the best golfers use, most golfers love the art of getting better.

This said, here are 3 tips that can assist with improving your game.

Tip #1 – The Body Should Be Used for Power

There are many different things that all golfers will need to know. One of the most important is how to hit the golf ball with the greatest impact. While some of the shots that the golfer takes may not be as far away as 2 to 3 inches from where they stand, others can be as far away as 100 yards. Therefore, the golfer should know that the power of the impact is found in the body and not in the arms. Learning how to do these swings properly may be difficult at first. However, once the individual learns the proper techniques, they can begin to get better, and with each swing it becomes more consistent. To gain the proper strength to hit long drives, exercise, fitness and diets play a role.

Tip #2 – Keep the Same Tempo for each Golf club

The tempo for golfers vary from one to another since some golfers are fast and others slow. Regardless to the time that it takes to create the golf swing from beginning to end, it is essential for golfers to know the key to an improved game. Improving the golf game normally means keeping the same tempo with each club.

Tip #3 – Practice

When people want to improve their game, they will find that the time that they have to spend practicing can make the difference between an average golf player and those that become professionals. In these cases, more practice is designed to make one perfect with the games that they play. Therefore, for people who really want to play their best, it is important for them to find the extra time in the day or week to practice.

What are the top rangefinders to buy ?

You guys know I love to review rangefinders. A golf rangefinder is a device which uses either laser or GPS technology in order to precisely determine distances to various points on a golf course. Even though the Professional Golfers’ Association of America won’t allow pros to use rangefinders during competitions, they are still a must-have accessory during practice, for both professional and casual lovers of golf. Some rangefinders are legal for tournament play, while others may not be. Read through out golf rangefinder reviews and find the best golf rangefinder for you.

Best Golf Rangefinders of 2016 – Comparison Chart

Choice #1 Choice #2 Choice #3
1_Bushnell 3_Bushnell 2_Lofthouse_ProScope
Bushnell Tour Z6 Bushnell Pro X7 Lofthouse ProScope 400X
Magnification: +6 Magnification: +7 Magnification: +6
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 yard Accuracy: +/- 0.5 yard Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
Coverage: 1300 yards (1189 meters) Coverage: 1300 yards (1189 meters) Coverage: 400 yards (366 meters)
Pin Seeker with JOLT technology Pin Seeker with JOLT technology PinSeeker Technology with Flag Lock
450 Yards to Pin 550 Yards to Pin 250 Yards to Flag
Legal for tournament play Illegal for tournament play Legal for tournament play

What should I look for when buying a golf rangefinder?

There is a variety of factors which make the difference between average and superb rangefinders, such as: accuracy, range, magnification, light transmission, material quality, etc.

What are the best golf rangefinders out there?

There are a number of rangefinders available for players, although very few can be called “best”. Not many rangefinder can even make the best golf rangefinder list. That is why we recommend that you buy one of out top three choices listed in the comparison chart below. Make sure you read the golf rangefinder reviews also.

Our #1 choice for best golf rangefinder goes to the Tour Z6 rangefinder by Bushnell. The fact that this device can measure distances up to 450 yards away in a blink of an eye makes it a must have for every lover of the sport. This is the most scientifically advanced laser out there, which with its’ PinSeeker with JOLT technology was designed to acquire the flag with ease, without capturing background targets. This second generation engineering miracle brings yardage measurements faster and more more precisely than ever thought possible.

The second spot on the golf rangefinder reviews list goes to the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope – not because it’s any less of a device than the Tour Z6, but just because it’s somewhat more expensive. It’s basically the same device, although this one has a slightly larger magnification and it locks on on almost any distance distance you will find at a golf course.

Out last choice isn’t a Bushnell device, but it gets the job done almost as well. Available at a fairly more reasonable price, this rangefinder provides magnification of up to six times, and even though it’s slightly less accurate, it would still be an excellent choice if you feel like paying only 50% of the price of the Bushnell Tour Z6.

How golf rangefinders work (Laser vs GPS rangefinders)

As we already mentioned in out golf rangefinder reviews, the two main types of rangefinders are GPS (Global Positioning System) and Laser rangefinders. GPS rangefinders are now outdated when compared to the newest laser rangefinders (all of the products in the chart above are laser rangefinders for a reason). Laser rangefinders are now easier to use, faster and more accurate than their GPS competition. Some of them even use Slope, which is a must have for courses that aren’t flat. You can even use these to obtain distance readings on hazards – also a nice advantage.

Simple Golf Swing Tips

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning to see a picture in your mind of a golf game where the score card indicated you cut strokes from your last golf game.

This can happen with a new Golf swing. Just close your eyes and picture the golf ball rolling an extra 5 or 10 yards of the the tee. A little more distance with the long and medium irons brings the hole that much closer.

A new Golf Swing make  this happen.  Your approach shots will  be more accurate. The result of course will be the golf ball is nearer the pin.  Your putting game will improve.

The uniformity of your new “Golf Swing“ will create  a more precise rotation which in end creates additional length of each club in your bag.

Every golfer in the world always wants to cut strokes off his or her golf game. We all have playing partners that offer different tips. Some of the better known of course is New clubs, new grip for the New Clubs,position of the golf ball in your stance, an open or closed stance.  The list goes on and on.

A new “Golf Swing“ being easy stops you wasting your time on all these tips. When you start cutting strokes off your golf game; your friends will be asking you for tips.

Many golfers have an association with a golf course. If your golf game is unmanageable due to a horrible golf swing, poor advice from other golfers or just a negative outlook.  A fresh new “Golf Swing” that reduces your strokes off your golf game is a “Cure-All.”

The thought has probably crossed your mind ; “How can a “Golf Swing” being easy lengthen your drives, your long and short irons as well as improving your short game? The answer is the new swing will improve your hands to release quicker  through the ball. This new acceleration will increase the club head/face thru the impact zone. Another side effect would be the squareness club face/head at impact with the golf ball.

An improved “Golf Swing” will certainly ease a golfer’s mind. The bad habits of the infamous “Duck Hook” or “Boomer Rang Slice” will fade away. Distance and accuracy will be in the fore front of  conversations at the “Nineteenth Hole.”